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The Private Security Authority
Davis Street
Tipperary Town
Co. Tipperary
E34 PY91

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Mission Statement

The mission of the PSA is: 

To regulate the activities of those involved in the private security industry to ensure that the interests of consumers are fully protected through the establishment, promotion, monitoring and enforcement of appropriate standards.

Our mission, vision and values provide the overarching strategic direction for the PSA. These guide our decision making by helping us to set priorities and determine our allocation of resources.

Our vision continues to be one in which consumers’ interests will be protected by a licensed and vetted industry with high standards of performance and expertise. This vision is to be maintained through on-going monitoring of all licensed providers and targeted action against those who breach standards. We envision an industry with; 

  • Strong enforcement delivering transformation of the industry
  • Improved levels of Training and Education
  • Reduced criminality
  • Full rollout of licensing to areas not yet licensed

and a Private Security Authority with

  • Sufficient resources to deliver services.
  • Enhanced Service Delivery.

Our values

  • Working in partnership with the Industry and other relevant stakeholders to develop a regulatory framework from which service providers and the general public will benefit.
  • Providing excellent customer service to existing licence holders, new applicants for licences and consumers of private security services
  • Reducing costs
  • Conducting our business in a transparent, balanced and proportionate manner
  • Being a model employer by creating an environment in which staff can have adequate resources and develop the skills necessary to perform to the best of their ability and potential.
  • Maintaining close working relationships with other bodies/organisations whose business or work is directly impacted by the Authority’s remit.
  • Providing a safer environment for the general public by ensuring that the potential for criminality within the industry is eliminated.